Thursday, September 3, 2009

Day 4 - Chelan to Cashmere

What a day! While this was, by far, the easiest ride of the "odyssey" it had to be one of the most beautiful as well. Like Birkin, I have learned a thing or two during this ride. While I live on the "wet" side, I am an honorary "509er". I feel special! As we left the parking lot of the Midtowner Motel in Chelan and rounded the lake, there was water everywhwere. I have never been to Chelan and I was impressed. We headed up this killer hill - complete with a hairpin curve - and when we got to the top it was a sight to absolutely stunning view of Lake Chelan. I'll be back for sure. The benefit of getting to the top of a hill is going downnnnnnn! We rode through the town of Entiat and lunched along the Columbia River. Getting back on our bikes and heading for Cashmere took every bit out of me but the end result was worth it. Debbie and I were able to take the last tour of the Aplets and Cotlets factory and our tour guide was a CWU student - I tell you Wildcats are everywhere. I stocked up on some yummy treats for my husband (Jon - thanks for allowing me to do this and supporting me in this adventure) and then found some fun things for my kids (Brendan and Lauren - mom will be home on Friday). Dinner was just the best and we had a guest join us - Birkin's father Norbert. He was a delight. No sleep since the air raid siren went off at 2 am (big fire somewhere) and the trains were relentless. Nevertheless, tomorrow is another day and another adventure.
Sarah's post....

We left the hotel around 9:30 and spent the day on a leisurely fast jaunt around bodies of water and I felt right at home. The temperature was also very comfortable (for a change). We stopped in Entiat at the park for lunch and saw lots of interesting things on the way out of town: graffiti on this rock hills, flowers on the side of the road, signs saying "Big Elkhorn Sheep for 5 miles and lots of DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE SIGNS with people/families listed. We arrived in Cashmere around 2:30 p.m. and Sarah and I went to the Aplets and Cotlets factory and got our own personal tour with a CWU student that knew one of our math professors. We ate dinner at MOJO'S and got to bed about 10:30 p.m. Tomorrow is another day...the last day...kind of bittersweet because our adventure will be over ~ Debbie's post.

Thank you, Birkin, for bringing along your father for dinner. And thank you, Norbert, for your lovely company and conversation.
Thanks also to the fine mechanics at the Wenatchee bike shop Arlberg's for noticing that my tires had been recalled. I had intended to merely ask some questions about bike tires but walked out of there with two new ones.
~Teresa's post

To start a day with a beautiful lake on your right and lovely hills in every other direction is about as good as it gets. There was a challenging climb out of Chelan, but it provided such stunning views that we had to stop--thank goodness--for photos. A very thin, sharp rock in my rear tire sent me to the bike shop in Wenatchee, which was incredibly helpful. They sold me on an armadillo tire, which took me back to my Louisiana days. Lovely historic town of Cashmere for dinner and sleep, and a special treat to have Brikin's father with us for dinner and blogging.
Marji's post.

On the subject of continuing my education, I've learned a lot about parenting! When going on an extended trip, it's an excellent idea to surprise them by picking them up from an activity unexpectedly and then taking them out for ice cream! Also, if I ever go out of town, I should have a responsible college student take care of them in my absence. I have to extend a special expert in parenting- my father, Norbert! Thank you for joining us for dinner and meeting everyone! Birkin's post.

Today I gave Monica the camera to take shots from the road...and only a few minutes into the ride I regretted not having the camera. Then I remembered that I had my cell phone camera, so I took a couple of shots part way up the hill from Lake Chelan...beautiful!! When the hill finally topped out the ride went through a beautiful forest cool! Next stop was lunch at Entiat City Park, a lush oasis on the Columbia, then on to Cashmere, with very familiar road from Wenatchee area. The most exciting part of the day was getting T's tires replaced at the shop in Wenatchee...what a great shop! Then the wonderful dinner at Mojo's was a treat, especially watching Marji enjoy the Mojo Special!
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