Sunday, August 30, 2009

DAY 1 - Oroville-Loomis Loop

Despite the near 100 degree temps, we all finished our first day of 62 miles before 3:00 p.m.  Must have been the fabulous Mexican dinner, excellent morning coffee, and energy items supplied by the Recycle Shop.  What a great loop--diverse landscape, beautiful lake, distant peaks, and best of all, we had the entire place nearly to ourselves.  But even better, great group of fellow cyclists--AND, we couldn't have better supporters than Catherine Scarlett and Monica Bruya.  Thank you both soooooo much!!!       Marji's post

As the only young person on this trip, I'm certainly learning a lot. For instance, did you know that a train once ran through the CWU campus? And that students used to burn down trees on campus? People once had these things called "party lines"? Wow! Maybe they'll give me college credit for History Since 1970! Birkin's post

For starters, Rancho Chica (the new Mexican restaurant in Tonasket) is fantastic.  Check it out the next time you're in town.  Roosters - the local coffee place - serves a yummy breakfast burrito.  Unfortunately the local antique shop is closed today or else the cast iron rooster they have for sale would be coming home with me.  The ride today was challenging - even though Marji said it would be pretty easy.  The scenery went from lush (orchards) to fairly desolate (lots of brown) to picturesque (Palmer Lake is beautiful!!!).  The Quik Stop in Loomis has a unique way of keeping insects out of their store (try filling a ziploc bag with water and four pennies and hanging it from the top of a door - they swear it works).  I did get a flat tire and changed it all by myself....yes, I'm proud of me because I haven't had to change a flat in 20 years.  We're off to the college fair shortly - can't wait to hand out some Boeing swag to deserving future CWU students.  As a new member of the CWU Alumni Board (graduated in 1987) I am pleased to help the CAH during this ride and very worthy cause!  Go Cats!!!!  
Sarah (Martin) Olsen's post....

What an amazing area this is! Thank you, Marji, for all your preparation work on the routes. We had an ideal day. 
There are signs posted all over town here about Central Washington University, what we're doing, and tonight's shindig in the Tonasket park, billed "College Fair." As we write this blog, two vans full of Central students are pulling up to set up for the evening. There will be plenty of food and talking with potential Central students and their families from this beautiful area. 
You should also know that I (and others among us) pedaled today on very little sleep. We hope our nerves are now better, and tomorrow we will face Loup-Loup Pass better rested.
My right hamstring is being iced (old running injury). Sarah is promising me arnica gel. 
Other news ... there were only two falls today, both by the same person. S/he was not going fast and therefore was not seriously injured. 
Thank you for being here with us -- Teresa

It was a beautiful day in Tonasket!  We started out at 8:30 and returned at 2:30; actual riding time 4 hours 10 minutes.  Chris' thermometer said 92 degrees, but the thermometer in Tonasket said 103 degrees when we got back to the Red Apple Motel.  Lots of fruit orchards to Oroville, lots of dry brown landscape through Loomis and nice 18-24 mph from Loomis back to Tonasket.  Good ride, good food and support/sag wagon  
 (thank you Monica Bruya), and the company couldn't have been better.  Thank you Catherine Scarlett for driving us up here yesterday.  You will always be a special lady in my life :-).  We are now prefunctioning for the "College Fair" tonight in the park (food courtesy from the local taco truck!) ~ Debbie's post

Chris Bruya's post....
I feel pretty good physically, which surprises me, as I am an old guy and fairly new to biking. But thanks to Ruth Ann Stacy for recommending K-Y Jelly in your bike really does have a great secondary use!

What a great first day for our ride. Lots of ups and down hills but nothing huge, but tomorrow Loup Loup Pass looms and we are all warmed up.

We'll post some pix later.
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  1. Wow! Great going! Teresa, we've sponsored you and are rooting you and everyone on!

  2. Thank you so much, Karen and Chris! I/we felt you support. Trust me/us, it was very necessary ...